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Flight Training - Millennium Master

About the airplane

The Millennium Master is a tandem seat microlight airplane. Its design is slick and the modern features include a retractable gear, adjustable propeller, glass cockpit and a whopping cruise speed of 140 KTS. This is the airplane that you want to take for a long international cross country flight. In 3 hours from Amsterdam to Munich or the South of France. This plane will definitely make heads turn when you fly by !

About the license

The training leads to a Dutch National Pilots License that allows you to fly on PH-registered ultralight airplanes. In case you like to fly abroad you can do that with the PH-registered helicopter provided the country you will fly to accepts the PH-registered ultralight. If you like to fly other country registered airplanes, you need to follow a conversion training. In Italy, the conversion can be done in about 10 hours flight training followed by an exam. Some countries require you to redo the full training program.

You need to pass a medical test first to get a Class II medical certificate. We highly recommend you to do that before you start the training course because without the medical certificate, you are not allowed to fly solo nor take your flight test for your license !

The training program includes

  • PPL-A theory

  • 30 hours flight school with minimal 15 hours of instructor and minimum 6 hours solo

  • 80 nm overland flight including 1 or 2 landings at other airfields

  • Radio Telephony (RT) course with practical exam

  • English proficiency test to demonstrate you are able to communicate in English - aviation's number 1 language.


The theory is done in 2 parts

  • PPL (A) online course that covers all required topics

  • Theory by the instructor before, during and after the practical flight lessons

You need to pass the PPL exams at the national CBR before you can take the check ride for your pilots license.

Time needed

We often are asked how long it will take to get the pilot's license. This primarily depends on how much time you are able to dedicate to the training and the theory. In general, it is possible to get your license in 12 months if you really put some effort in it. But keep in mind, it is not a competitions. The training is a lot of fun and learning to fly is a great thing. Every hour of training gets you closer to the end result but also know that the training is also very enjoyable.

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